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June 19, 2012

Catching up

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Well I think that’s the longest I’ve let the blog go without a post. What can I say, we’ve been a little busy with the little one. Though it’s probably more due work than the baby. I usually work on one or two major projects a year. This year, so far, I’ve worked on at least 4 maybe 5. I’ve been in Chicago two weeks since memorial day and I’m headed back next week.

This past weekend we got a little time off and have been visiting family in Florida. We spent some time and the beach. Natalie was a little unsure of the sand on the first visit, but she took right to it the second visit. She dug holes, walked around, played with seashells, and did some splashing in the ocean.

Natalie is getting bigger everyday. She’s added more words to her vocabulary. One of her favorite things to say right now is “uh-oh.” Many things are uh-oh. She’ll say it when she drops something or falls down or even if she throws something on the floor.

She’s started walking in the past 2 weeks. She only takes a few steps at a time
but she pulls herself up and keeps on going after each fall.

Nikki’s contract position recently ended so she is keeping Natalie at home full time right now. It’s more work keeping up with her all the time but seeing her more is nice.

I’ve fallen behind on the penguin pictures as well so here’s a bunch to get caught up.

11 months


12 Months – This one was done by a photographer.


13 months


14 months She wasn’t into holding the penguin so much this month.


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