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October 6, 2011

Crazy Taxi

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I am attempting to write this blog entry from my iPad, so we’ll see how this goes. I am sitting here in the Philadelphia airport waiting on my flights to go back to Dallas. I did manage to accomplish the entire trip without renting a car. It was surprisingly easy, except for one semi-exciting cab ride, which I’ll get to in a minute.
On Monday, I made it from Laguardia airport to downtown Manhattan with no problems at all. I walked around Manhattan Monday night, over to Times Square and past the Empire State Building. It started pouring down rain, so I purchased a $3 umbrella from a handy street vendor to keep dry.
On Tuesday during the day I walk all over mid-town working and then head to the train station. I took the train from Penn station to Trenton,NJ. That was surprisingly easy. In Trenton is where the real adventure began. I got a cab at the train station and told the driver I needed to go to Bensalem, PA. He takes off and I notice he doesn’t start the meter. I tell him that I am going to the Marriott Courtyard and I have the address if he needs. He hands me his GPS and asks if I can put in the address. A little unusual, but okay I put in the address on his somewhat functional GPS. We are heading down the highway and the GPS tells him to take the next exit, which he does not. I point out that he should take the exit and he quickly does a lane change to get over. I prompt him with the next few GPS turns and he starts paying attention to it. I noticed that the GPS was sending us down through the middle of some small town towards another highway. At this point I puledl out my phone and map the route to the hotel. I immediately noticed the problem. The cab driver had taken the complete wrong highway out of Trenton to get to Bensalem and the GPS was doing its best to get us back on track. I made sure he followed the GPS exactly from then on. Oblivious to his own incompetence, the driver asked me if I would need a ride to the airport in the morning and if I would call him. I get his number with no intention whatsoever of calling him. When we finally arrived at the hotel I noticed that he never did switch the meter on. I asked him how much and he says $50, which I gladly paid to be rid of him.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, except for the cab driver who did end up taking me to the airport. He was a competent cabbie, but spent most of his day listening to talk radio and wanted to talk to me the whole time about politics. He was firmly in the “fascists are taking over camp” so I tried to be nice and not just say “wow you are one crazy dude.” Politics is a big pastime in Philly I guess. No less then 3 people struck up a conversation with me about politics, on both sides of the fence, while I was there. It’s like football to them. The cabbie didn’t mention the Eagles even once, even after I told him I was from Dallas.

I’m back home now with my girls now, who I missed. I didn’t end up writing the whole entry on my Ipad after all. It was easy to use it to write but not quite as easy for editing.

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