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November 28, 2011

It’s that time of year where I note that the year is almost over.

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Well here we are the week after Thanksgiving and I’m writing my now traditional “The year is pretty much over” blogpost. We just got back from visiting everyone in Tulsa for Thanksgiving and we’ve got a little over 3 weeks till we head back to Tulsa for Christmas. After that is New Year’s and it’s 2012! Usually at this time of year I have to travel for work. I think for the last four years I’ve been gone somewhere the first week of December. We’ve got a lot of things happening at work but somehow none of it has meant I have to go anywhere right now. That’s good though, Nikki had some outpatient surgery 2 weeks ago and she’s still recovering. It’d be a little tough on her if I had to be away right now.

Natalie is getting bigger everyday. She sits up now and reaches for you when she wants to be picked up. She loves people and will smile at anyone to get them to smile back at her. She thinks the pets are people too. She’ll smile at Oreo and Zoe to try and get them to smile back. She hasn’t quite got them figured out yet. She loves to pet them when they let her. They’ve adopted her into the family. Oreo had learned to stay out of arms reach and Zoe knows to hang out for dropped food when we feed the baby.

Here’s the latest pictures of her with the Penguin. You can see how big she is getting now. In case you missed them, here are the earlier pictures: Months 1-4 and Month 5-6.

7 Months

8 Months

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