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October 17, 2011

Four Times is Too Many

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These past 2 weekends have been super busy for us. Last weekend, Grady and Crystal, our nephew Asher, and Crystal’s parents joined the rest of Oklahoma in invading Dallas for the annual OU/TX football game. Incidentally, down here in Texas the game is referred to as TX/OU not OU/TX. TX/OU sounds wrong to me, like saying Jelly and Peanut Butter rather than Peanut Butter and Jelly. I’m told its the same for the Texans when they hear OU/TX.

Nikki and I took care of Asher and Natalie while everyone else went to the game. We had a great time watching the kids and hanging out with everyone. Unfortunately, Saturday night I fixed BBQ chicken for dinner and it was bad. Bad as in the chicken was bad, not simply bad tasting. Nikki and I started feeling ill Sunday night and Grady and Crystal got hit with it later that night. Luckily, Crystal’s parents had not eaten any of the chicken so they didn’t get sick. I’ve had food poisoning four times in my life and it was not fun. It took Nikki and I both out until Tuesday.

On Wenesday, Natalie had her 6 month checkup. The Doctor said she was doing great. She’s 20th percentile on weight and 72nd percentile on height. He also said that her head shape was good. Head shape can be a concern with preemies. Sometimes their head doesn’t grow into the proper shape and they have to wear a special helmet. We really didn’t want that. The best news of all though, is that she isn’t considered a preemie anymore! (Today is her 7 month “birthday” btw.)

On Thursday, Nikki, Natalie, and I headed out for Hot Springs to see Nikki’s family for the weekend. Her Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandparents all live in that area. Nikki’s Mom, Dad, and sister also drove in from Tulsa, so we had quite the family reunion. Natalie was the most popular attraction, of course. She smiles at everyone and giggles and loves to be around people right now. It was a short trip and we headed back on Sunday. Now we get to have a few weeks at home until the inevitable Thanksgiving/Christmas travel starts up.

**Internet geek endnote**
It was hard for me to type OU/TX in the entry above. Not because I’m such a huge football fan but because of the slash. (/) Back in 2003 when I first started blogging, the ole blog-software tech wasn’t what it is today. The / is an escape character in text processing. If I happened to put one in a blog entry without delimiting it properly it would crash the whole website. It took me days to figure this out the first time it happened. I’m still gun-shy about typing a / when blogging.

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