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September 27, 2011

Anniversary Trip

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This past weekend, September 24th to be exact, was our fifth anniversary.   We decided to take a trip back home to Tulsa, that way the Grandparents could watch little Natalie and Nikki and I could go out two nights in a row!  We drove up on Thursday and stayed till Monday morning.  I had built up a few Hyatt rewards points, so we were able to stay on the Hyatt Regency downtown for free!

Thursday night we met Grady, Crystal, and the boys at Spaghetti Warehouse.    We hadn’t seen little Asher since right after he was born, and he is growing and changing just as much as Natalie.    Spaghetti Warehouse has gone downhill.  The food wasn’t all that great, though its possible it never was and I just haven’t been there in a long time.

Friday we took Natalie over to my Mom’s place and had lunch. Natalie entertained us all of course.  She’s very active and likes people to play with her and she laughs and giggles.

Nicole and I had a great time that night.  First we met Grady and some other friends at McNellie’s bar downtown for happy hour.  For Dinner ,we ended up at Ti Amo’s, which is where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. They even had a dessert that was made by the company that catered our wedding and made our wedding cake. We couldn’t have planned it better.   After dinner we headed over to a place called “The Maxx,”which is a 80’s themed bar, had a few drinks and played old video games like Galaga and Ms. Pac Man.  Afterwards, we headed over the the “Dust Bowl”, a little mini-bowling alley, and bowled a few games.   Nikki even drank a White Russian.   The whole downtown area around 2nd and 3rd street has a lot of neat little places now. We’re planning to go back sometime.

Saturday we picked Natale up from my Mom’s and took her over to Nikki’s parents house, so they could get a chance to see her too.   That night was our anniversary, and we went out to Flemings, a very nice steak place.   The food was excellent.  I ended up splitting my steak with Nikki, because mine was much better than hers.  We highly recommend the ribeye if you decided to shell out the $$$ for a dinner at Flemings. We had planned to go out to a few bars again but truthfully we were tired from the night before.  We had a drink at Kilkenny’s and called it an early night.   We are now officially too old to party two nights in a row I guess.

On Sunday, I played Warmachine with the guys and Nikki and Natalie hung out with her family.  We stayed one last night in the Hyatt and headed home on Monday.   On the trip we listened to the Audio Book of “Just a Geek” by Will Wheaton.   It’s great audiobook as Will reads it himself and puts in lots of extra commentary.  It’s one of the few audio books Nikki has actually stayed awake for the entire car ride home.

I’m need to write more about things like this that Nikki and I do.  We were trying to remember what we did on our past anniversaries and we had to use my blog to figure out most of them.   Of course, no one can forget our last anniversary. Whew, glad we got through that okay.

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