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August 2, 2011

Natalie and the Penguin

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We got a very nice card from my Aunt and Uncle last week.  In the card, they mentioned they like to keep up with what we are doing and how Natalie is doing on my blog.    I have been lax about updating everyone about Natalie here rather than on Facebook.    It seems like the whole world is on Facebook but that’s not quite true.   My blog has outlasted freindster and myspace, I bet it’ll be around for a while longer.

Natalie is doing great! She’s getting so big now.   She’s was 11lbs 14 ounces as of  Sunday July 31st.   She’s also started “babbling.”  She’s not really saying any real words yet but if you talk to her, she  makes sounds and answers back.   It’s pretty darn cute.  She goes to daycare now three days a week.  It’s hard to be away from her, but Nicole and I have to work and she’s kinda distracting  when you’re trying to get any work done.   She really likes the daycare.  The teachers said she smiles and tries to interact with the other babies and frowns a lot if the other babies cry.

Back when Natalie was a month old we took a picture of her with a little penguin toy to show how big she was.   The plan is to take a picture of her with the penguin every month of her first year so we can see how much she is growing.   My thought was that we should  take a picture of her with the penguin every year on her birthday, so that everyone,  including her, can see how much she has changed.  My goal is to have a picture of an 18 year old Natalie holding the penguin and rolling her eyes at me.

Here’s the first 4 pictures of Natalie with her penguin.

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

4 Months

July 17, 2011

The Curse of the Cow Print Carafe

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So this is the story of the Cow Print Carafe.  At least that’s what I think it is anyway.  It’s some kind of thermos with a handle, and cow print of course.  It looks like it’s meant for coffee, but the cow print kinda implies it should be used for milk or cream.  It kinda looks like one of the things you’d pour skim milk out of at Starbuck’s.  Not that Starbuck’s is cool enough to have something like this.

Judge for yourself.

Okay the story, or as as I like to call it ” The Curse of the COW PRINT CARAFE!”

Every year, Eric and Tracy have a Christmas in July party, so Eric has an excuse to cook a turkey.   We always do a “dirty santa” gift exchange at the party. That means everyone brings gift and  then each person picks one at random.  When you unwrap your gift you can either keep it or “steal” a gift that has already been opened.  I have the unerring ability to pick the worst gift.   Seriously. One year I got a toilet seat.

Last year I got the cow carafe and of course no one was going to steal that.   Shannon brought it, who knows why she had it in the first place.  We take it home and it sits in a cabinet till  early this year, when Nikki and I  start cleaning out the cabinets to make room for Natalie and all her stuff.  We pile a bunch of stuff on the dining room table, including the carafe.  We let our friends know that anything on the table is fair game to be taken.  At this point, I forget all about the stupid carafe.

Fast forward to this year’s party.  The rule this year is that you must bring a gift that  you own already.   We’ll get to what I brought later.   When it comes around to my turn to pick a gift, I choose not to steal one, but rather pick one that is still wrapped.  Bad move.  Yup, you guessed it.  It’s THE FRAKKIN COW CARAFE!  I believe my exact words were “What the hell?”

How had this happend?  Which Dark God had brought this thing back from the dead!  The answer was, apparently, Dre.  He had seen it sitting on our table earlier in the year and  in some kind of “it’s so ugly it’s cool” moment of insanity, took it home.   Jenna had gotten it from him. I’m guessing for much the same reason,  and in a fit of sanity brought it to the party this year as her gift.   AND NOW I HAVE IT BACK!    The cow carafe is now new eagle bitches, it will be back next year……..

Oh, what was my gift you ask?  Why it was “Bad Ass Mo Fos,” Only the  four best blacksploitation martial arts movies ever made.  You’re welcome Tracy.

May 3, 2011

Home at last.

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Nikki keeps telling me that I need to update my blog.  I guess I really do, since Natalie has been home with us now for almost a month.  She did get to come home that Sunday, April 10th, which happens to be Nikki’s birthday.  That’s about the best birthday we could have hoped for.  The first few nights were tough getting her settled in, and for us to get used to her schedule.   We had more than a few sleepless nights, but that seems to be the norm with little ones.

She’s growing fast now, we took her to the Doctor last week and she’s nearly 8lbs.   She big enough now that the doc said we didn’t have to wake her up and feed her every 3 hours at night.  That has helped quite a bit, now we can trade off feeding and  get 5-6 hours sleep at a time.

Not much more going on than taking care of her these days.  Both Nikki’s family and mine have been down to spend time with her.  We’re planning a trip up to Oklahoma so the rest of the family can see her as well.

We got pictures made of her this past weekend so as soon I get the digital copies of those I’ll put a few up here.

April 7, 2011

Almost There

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Natalie is 3 weeks old today.   She is still in the NICU.  She is feeding from a bottle 8 times a day now and they have removed her feeding tube. She has moved into the observation phase now .  That means if she doesn’t have any problems over the next few days then we finally get to bring her home.  We are hoping it will be as soon as Sunday or Monday.

It’s been a long road.  If she does get to come home Sunday, Nikki and I will have been at the hospital a total of 47 days.  Nikki was in the hospital as a patient for 27 of those days and Natalie for 25.   I’m  not complaining mind you. I just wanted to record it for posterity, so when Natalie is a surly teenager I can make her read this.    I figure there’s about a 100% chance she will be a surly teenager. She’s related to me after all.

March 27, 2011

Natalie Ryanne Moore

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She was born on on March 17th, 2011, 5 lbs 4ozs,  17 ” long.    Needless to say, we’ve been quite busy since then.   She was born premature at 34 weeks and 4 days.  They immediately rushed her to the NICU where she was placed in an incubator, with respiration support and a feeding tube.   She had a lot of trouble with her breathing at first and had to be on a full ventilator for a few days.   They slowly weened her off of that to a CPAP and then to just an oxygen line on her nose.   At first we couldn’t hold her or touch her, which was very hard, but as she improved we were able to comfort her and finally hold her.   Last night Nikki fed her her first bottle and I got to feed her this morning.   We are up at the hospital a lot.  They have scheduled interaction times for her at 9am, noon, 3, 6, and 9pm and we try to be there for at least three of them a day if we can.  The doctor told us today that his plan was to take her off the oxygen line today or tomorrow and remove the feeding tube as soon as she would consistently drink from the bottle.  We’re hoping she gets to come home with us later this week!

March 12, 2011

And We’re Back

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Well here we are back on the hospital.  We got to be home for a little over two weeks, but now we’re here for the duration.

We went to see our OB on February 24th.  Everything looked good but she said that it would be normal to be back in the hospital at week 32. (Nikki was 32 weeks on February 28th.)  Nikki wasn’t having any problems though and we had just gotten out of the hospital so the doctor scheduled us to see a pregnancy specialist the next week rather than putting Nikki right back in the hospital.

We went to the perinatologist on March 3rd so he could take a look and she how Nikki and the baby were doing.  When we first got there he also said that it would be normal for Nikki to be in the hospital at this point but that he would do an in-depth sonogram and we might be able to wait until sometime in week 33 before going back to the hospital.  He started doing the sonogram and immediately told us that we needed to go the hospital as soon as possible.    The sonogram showed that Nikki had developed Vasa Previa, which is related to the placenta previa that she had previously been diagnosed with.  (And we rack up another complication!)  Vasa Previa is a serious condition, if it goes undetected.   The doctor had seen it  on the sonogram, so it can now easily be treated.  That did mean that we would be in the hospital till the baby was born.

We’ve been here now since the 3rd.  Nikki and the baby are doing well.   The c-section is scheduled for March 17th at noon.   Unless she decides she wants to be out sooner, Natalie will be  a St. Patrick’s day baby!

February 19, 2011

It’s very complicated.

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Well what a time we’ve had lately.  Two weeks ago today everything was just starting to melt from the Snowpocalypse. Nikki started having complications with the pregnancy.  I’m not going to go into the medical details but we called the doctor and she said we should go to the hospital right away and she would meet us there.  They checked out Nikki and the baby and determined that both were doing fine and let us come home.    Sunday went by just fine with no problems, we watched the superbowl over at Phlome and Ninsi’s house with no problems

We  had a appointment already scheduled for the next day with Nikki’s OB.   Nikki had just started seeing the nurse when she started having problems again, much worse than Saturday.  The OB sent us across the street to the hospital.   They examined Nikki and the baby and determined everything was okay but they wanted to keep her in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours for observation.  While we were there they also completed the test for gestational diabetes, which was the reason we were at the OB’s office in the first place.   The test showed that Nikki did have it, so she also had to start treatment for that.

Nikki was fine until Tuesday night.  She started having contractions and went into pre-term labor.  They gave her all kinds of medicine to stop the labor.   The nurses were able to get in under control after a few hours.  Nikki was only 29 weeks along, and the doctor said that if we had been 32 weeks, she would have just taken the baby right then by c-section.  She said it was better to wait as long as possible and that we would probably be in the hospital till the baby was born.

That makes 4 confirmed pregnancy complications now, pre-term labor, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, and appendicitis.  Whew.

We stayed at the hospital for the next 8 days without anymore problems.  The doctor said it was okay for her to go home as long as she was on complete bed rest and we treated the diabetes at home.   So here we are now at home.  Nikki and Natalie are doing very well. Nikki is laying on either the couch or the bed all day.   I give her insulin twice a day and make sure she follows the ridiculously restrictive diet they have her on.  Seriously, I could write a whole other entry about the home healthcare visit for the diabetes treatment where they set us up with the insulin and the diet.  It was terrible.   I nearly threw them out.

That’s where we are now.  We go in this Thursday so the OB can take a look at Natalie and we’re looking at delivery by c-section sometime in the next 3-4 weeks.

February 4, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

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Well, not really, it’s more like a mini-me snowpocalypse.  Last year was a real one.  It is awful damn cold though.   Started raining Monday night, temperatures dropped into the teens and everything was covered in a sheet of ice.  I’m pretty sure we have set record low temps for this week in North Texas.   I tried finding something on google to confirm that, all I found was this story. Seems inconclusive.   In any case, nothing has really melted yet.  Then last night and some this morning, we got snow.  About 4″ here in Grapevine, but Dallas got somewhere near 6″.  That, of course, doesn’t even compare to the folks in Oklahoma or Chicago who have been buried with 18″ – 24″ of snow, and still getting more.   It’s supposed to get up over freezing tomorrow here, so hopefully it will all melt by then.

We’ve been having serious power shortages here.  DFW really isn’t equipped to handle everyone in the metroplex, staying home and running their heaters.    We got hit with a rolling blackout on Wednesday and Phlome and Ninsi were without power at their place for over 24 hours.  Some places were even having natural gas shortages.

Speaking of Chicago, that’s where I was last week, and will be headed back to next week, barring anymore more blizzards of course.  Traveling to Chicago during winter is a pain, at least for us southerners.  I don’t own one of the serious long coats that everyone up there wears and I have to pull out and pack a lot of extra clothes so I won’t freeze to death.  Thank goodness I used to ski. My layered ski clothes is what I have to wear when I go to Chicago, well that and my N7 hoodie.

January 21, 2011

2011 40k Invitational

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The 40k tournament has now turned into an annual event.   This year it even expanded to 10 players!   I put a lot more work into this year’s tournament  creating custom missions and an epic words website to keep track of everything.   If you want to check out the missions and rules make sure you check out the site.  The files section even has everyone’s army lists if you into that kinda thing.   We had a good spread of armies with no real duplicates. Even each of the space marine armies were substantially different.

Clay – Space Wolves

Craig – Tyranids

Eric – Dark Eldar ( using the new codex!)

Grady – Dark Angels

Grant  F. – Imperial Guard

Grant H. – Chaos Marines

Marc – Necrons

Ryan – Eldar

Steve – Crimson Fists

Tiffany – Orks (Our new recruit!)

Marc and his Necrons were the overall winner this year earning almost every point possible.   Marc scored the most battle points, tied for Best Painted , Most Fun to Play Against, and Headhunter.   The only category he did not win in was “Most Hungover” a dubious honor at best.

You can look at pictures from the tournament here.

I’ve already started work on next years tournament, contact me through one of the various ways if you’d like to participate.

December 28, 2010

The Greatest Country Movie Ever.

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I know, two days in a row, the dark lord must be expecting a blizzard.

I went to see True Grit today with Phlome, who doesn’t have a blog anymore, so I’m not sure  what to link his name to.  The movie was awesome.  Go see it, it will be nominated for Best Picture.  “If they wanted a proper burial they shoulda got themselves killed in summer.”  One of the better lines.

The show had some interesting previews. One of them was for a movie about an alcoholic country singer played by Gwyneth Paltrow.  I was only half watching it, but I thought to myself, there is so going to be a train in this somewhere. And lo and behold, right there in the trailer, Gwyneth and some dude are standing inexplicably on a moving boxcar traveling through what appears to be Oklahoma or Texas.   I’m pretty sure the trailer also showed the character’s mother  along with a pickup.  If the actual movie also has a dog and prison, I declare it the GREATEST COUNTRY MOVIE EVER . It will not be nominated for best picture.

The next preview took me totally by surprise.   At first the trailer appeared to be for a movie about a washed up boxer played by Hugh Jackman.  Then the Giant Robots came out. The movie stars Hugh Jackman who teaches A WASHED UP ROBOT BOXER HOW TO FIGHT.   That is crazy, seriously, watch the trailer.  Phlome’s comment was “Did they make a movie based on Rock’em Sock’em Robots?”   This could be the most awesome bad movie since Deathrace.   Also probably not a shoe-in for best picture.

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