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June 23, 2014

This blog is now archived.

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I am retiring this blog. I haven’t updated it in years and most of what I used it for I now do through social media. will continue to point to this site will point to my new blog, when and if I ever get around to making it. So if you really enjoy reading my old blog entries make sure and update you links to

June 19, 2012

Catching up

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Well I think that’s the longest I’ve let the blog go without a post. What can I say, we’ve been a little busy with the little one. Though it’s probably more due work than the baby. I usually work on one or two major projects a year. This year, so far, I’ve worked on at least 4 maybe 5. I’ve been in Chicago two weeks since memorial day and I’m headed back next week.

This past weekend we got a little time off and have been visiting family in Florida. We spent some time and the beach. Natalie was a little unsure of the sand on the first visit, but she took right to it the second visit. She dug holes, walked around, played with seashells, and did some splashing in the ocean.

Natalie is getting bigger everyday. She’s added more words to her vocabulary. One of her favorite things to say right now is “uh-oh.” Many things are uh-oh. She’ll say it when she drops something or falls down or even if she throws something on the floor.

She’s started walking in the past 2 weeks. She only takes a few steps at a time
but she pulls herself up and keeps on going after each fall.

Nikki’s contract position recently ended so she is keeping Natalie at home full time right now. It’s more work keeping up with her all the time but seeing her more is nice.

I’ve fallen behind on the penguin pictures as well so here’s a bunch to get caught up.

11 months


12 Months – This one was done by a photographer.


13 months


14 months She wasn’t into holding the penguin so much this month.


February 7, 2012

Just about a year ago

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Nikki and I were stuck in the Hospital waiting the arrival of our little one. It was a very complicated process. It’s hard to imagine how long we were stuck in the hospital now. We all made it through and Natalie is a beautiful baby girl now.

A lot has happened since the last time I updated. The reason is right before Christmas Grandma Moore, my Dad’s mom, passed away. It is hard to let go of someone you have known your whole life, and even harder to write about it. I put off doing an update because I couldn’t very well leave out what had happened but wasn’t really ready to write about it either.

We ended up heading home to Oklahoma earlier than we planned and stayed through Christmas. We went to the funeral, where Natalie got to entertain everyone. Nothing is better than a happy little baby to cheer everyone up. Natalie had her first Christmas and got to spend lots of time with Aunt, Uncles, and grandparents.

Natalie is getting bigger everyday. She’s crawling, pulling up on the furniture, and trying to walk. She’s even started talking a little. Her first “official” word was “cat.” She knows what a cat is and refers to our cat, Oreo as cat. She calls me Dada and Nikki Mama and has even started referring to Zoe, our Corgi, as dog. Of course, with such a small vocabulary, she uses the words for more than one thing. Mama is her word when she us upset. Dada is what she says if she wants something, and she often says cat when she’s just happy. Dog though is just for Zoe.

Here are the 9 and 10 month penguin pictures of her.

9 Months

10 Months

November 28, 2011

It’s that time of year where I note that the year is almost over.

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Well here we are the week after Thanksgiving and I’m writing my now traditional “The year is pretty much over” blogpost. We just got back from visiting everyone in Tulsa for Thanksgiving and we’ve got a little over 3 weeks till we head back to Tulsa for Christmas. After that is New Year’s and it’s 2012! Usually at this time of year I have to travel for work. I think for the last four years I’ve been gone somewhere the first week of December. We’ve got a lot of things happening at work but somehow none of it has meant I have to go anywhere right now. That’s good though, Nikki had some outpatient surgery 2 weeks ago and she’s still recovering. It’d be a little tough on her if I had to be away right now.

Natalie is getting bigger everyday. She sits up now and reaches for you when she wants to be picked up. She loves people and will smile at anyone to get them to smile back at her. She thinks the pets are people too. She’ll smile at Oreo and Zoe to try and get them to smile back. She hasn’t quite got them figured out yet. She loves to pet them when they let her. They’ve adopted her into the family. Oreo had learned to stay out of arms reach and Zoe knows to hang out for dropped food when we feed the baby.

Here’s the latest pictures of her with the Penguin. You can see how big she is getting now. In case you missed them, here are the earlier pictures: Months 1-4 and Month 5-6.

7 Months

8 Months

October 17, 2011

Four Times is Too Many

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These past 2 weekends have been super busy for us. Last weekend, Grady and Crystal, our nephew Asher, and Crystal’s parents joined the rest of Oklahoma in invading Dallas for the annual OU/TX football game. Incidentally, down here in Texas the game is referred to as TX/OU not OU/TX. TX/OU sounds wrong to me, like saying Jelly and Peanut Butter rather than Peanut Butter and Jelly. I’m told its the same for the Texans when they hear OU/TX.

Nikki and I took care of Asher and Natalie while everyone else went to the game. We had a great time watching the kids and hanging out with everyone. Unfortunately, Saturday night I fixed BBQ chicken for dinner and it was bad. Bad as in the chicken was bad, not simply bad tasting. Nikki and I started feeling ill Sunday night and Grady and Crystal got hit with it later that night. Luckily, Crystal’s parents had not eaten any of the chicken so they didn’t get sick. I’ve had food poisoning four times in my life and it was not fun. It took Nikki and I both out until Tuesday.

On Wenesday, Natalie had her 6 month checkup. The Doctor said she was doing great. She’s 20th percentile on weight and 72nd percentile on height. He also said that her head shape was good. Head shape can be a concern with preemies. Sometimes their head doesn’t grow into the proper shape and they have to wear a special helmet. We really didn’t want that. The best news of all though, is that she isn’t considered a preemie anymore! (Today is her 7 month “birthday” btw.)

On Thursday, Nikki, Natalie, and I headed out for Hot Springs to see Nikki’s family for the weekend. Her Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandparents all live in that area. Nikki’s Mom, Dad, and sister also drove in from Tulsa, so we had quite the family reunion. Natalie was the most popular attraction, of course. She smiles at everyone and giggles and loves to be around people right now. It was a short trip and we headed back on Sunday. Now we get to have a few weeks at home until the inevitable Thanksgiving/Christmas travel starts up.

**Internet geek endnote**
It was hard for me to type OU/TX in the entry above. Not because I’m such a huge football fan but because of the slash. (/) Back in 2003 when I first started blogging, the ole blog-software tech wasn’t what it is today. The / is an escape character in text processing. If I happened to put one in a blog entry without delimiting it properly it would crash the whole website. It took me days to figure this out the first time it happened. I’m still gun-shy about typing a / when blogging.

October 6, 2011

Crazy Taxi

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I am attempting to write this blog entry from my iPad, so we’ll see how this goes. I am sitting here in the Philadelphia airport waiting on my flights to go back to Dallas. I did manage to accomplish the entire trip without renting a car. It was surprisingly easy, except for one semi-exciting cab ride, which I’ll get to in a minute.
On Monday, I made it from Laguardia airport to downtown Manhattan with no problems at all. I walked around Manhattan Monday night, over to Times Square and past the Empire State Building. It started pouring down rain, so I purchased a $3 umbrella from a handy street vendor to keep dry.
On Tuesday during the day I walk all over mid-town working and then head to the train station. I took the train from Penn station to Trenton,NJ. That was surprisingly easy. In Trenton is where the real adventure began. I got a cab at the train station and told the driver I needed to go to Bensalem, PA. He takes off and I notice he doesn’t start the meter. I tell him that I am going to the Marriott Courtyard and I have the address if he needs. He hands me his GPS and asks if I can put in the address. A little unusual, but okay I put in the address on his somewhat functional GPS. We are heading down the highway and the GPS tells him to take the next exit, which he does not. I point out that he should take the exit and he quickly does a lane change to get over. I prompt him with the next few GPS turns and he starts paying attention to it. I noticed that the GPS was sending us down through the middle of some small town towards another highway. At this point I puledl out my phone and map the route to the hotel. I immediately noticed the problem. The cab driver had taken the complete wrong highway out of Trenton to get to Bensalem and the GPS was doing its best to get us back on track. I made sure he followed the GPS exactly from then on. Oblivious to his own incompetence, the driver asked me if I would need a ride to the airport in the morning and if I would call him. I get his number with no intention whatsoever of calling him. When we finally arrived at the hotel I noticed that he never did switch the meter on. I asked him how much and he says $50, which I gladly paid to be rid of him.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, except for the cab driver who did end up taking me to the airport. He was a competent cabbie, but spent most of his day listening to talk radio and wanted to talk to me the whole time about politics. He was firmly in the “fascists are taking over camp” so I tried to be nice and not just say “wow you are one crazy dude.” Politics is a big pastime in Philly I guess. No less then 3 people struck up a conversation with me about politics, on both sides of the fence, while I was there. It’s like football to them. The cabbie didn’t mention the Eagles even once, even after I told him I was from Dallas.

I’m back home now with my girls now, who I missed. I didn’t end up writing the whole entry on my Ipad after all. It was easy to use it to write but not quite as easy for editing.

September 30, 2011

Info War

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I read two stories this week that caught my attention as an information security professional (no really, I have letters after my name and everything. )  Both are about information warfare.  One story was about the stuxnet virus, which was used, most likely by Israeli security, to disable the centrifuges in Iran that were being used to weaponize uranium.

The second story was about the conficker  and the book, “Worm.”  Conficker is a networked computer virus or “worm” that exploits a hole in windows xp and allows a remote user to take control of the computer.    That’s nothing new, there are many kinds malware that can take over and control a computer.  The interesting part of the conficker story is that conficker was so successful and widespread that it could have brought down the entire internet. The people who made conficker didn’t want that of course. Their goal is to rent out the “botnet” computers that they control.  Why?  Well usually to steal money, but it is thought that the smaller governments might rent the conficker botnet to attack the information infrastructure of large enemy nations.  In an even more interesting turn, a band of security professionals, known as Cabal, got together to try and stop it.    When the Cabal started looking into where conficker came from, they determined that it had likely been written by an ex-eastern block  intelligence agent.

Einstein said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”   I think it might be possible that WW3 will be fought with computer viruses.

Oh just as an aside, information security professional, does not mean “hacker.”  I don’t know how many people have asked me, “Could you hack into <insert whatever here>?”  Real hacking is  long, laborious, and truthfully, kinda boring, so no I cannot hack into your facebook account.    I can tell you how to stop it though:

1. Patch your computer with the latest patches

2.  Use a virus scanner (Microsoft gives one away for free.)

3. Use a desktop firewall  (Windows has one built in.)

4. And for the last time, don’t send any Nigerian’s money.

September 28, 2011

Plans, Trains, and Automobiles.

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Every year around this time my travel for work always increases.   The sales guys try and push contracts through to make their numbers by the end of the year and customers want to spend their yearly budgets.  This all means more work for me.  Next week I’ve got a 3 day whirlwind trip and I’m attempting to do it all without renting a car.  That might not seem like a big deal to you folks that live in large urban northern cities, but down here int he south we drive everywhere.   Trains are like unicorns.

Monday I fly to New York and take a cab or train to downtown Manhattan.  I’ll be there all day Tuesday probably using the subway to get around.  Then I will make my way to Penn Station, so I can take train to Trenton, New Jersey.  Somehow from there I have to make my way to my hotel in the outskirts of Philadelphia. (Trenton and Philly are pretty much one city by the way, despite being in different states.)   My local contact told me “Don’t linger at the Trenton station or walk away from it. That’s not a nice area.”   I’m told there are taxis.   The next day I will be at the customer’s HQ all day and then hopefully get another taxi to the Philadelphia airport arriving back in Dallas on Wednesday night.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

September 27, 2011

Anniversary Trip

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This past weekend, September 24th to be exact, was our fifth anniversary.   We decided to take a trip back home to Tulsa, that way the Grandparents could watch little Natalie and Nikki and I could go out two nights in a row!  We drove up on Thursday and stayed till Monday morning.  I had built up a few Hyatt rewards points, so we were able to stay on the Hyatt Regency downtown for free!

Thursday night we met Grady, Crystal, and the boys at Spaghetti Warehouse.    We hadn’t seen little Asher since right after he was born, and he is growing and changing just as much as Natalie.    Spaghetti Warehouse has gone downhill.  The food wasn’t all that great, though its possible it never was and I just haven’t been there in a long time.

Friday we took Natalie over to my Mom’s place and had lunch. Natalie entertained us all of course.  She’s very active and likes people to play with her and she laughs and giggles.

Nicole and I had a great time that night.  First we met Grady and some other friends at McNellie’s bar downtown for happy hour.  For Dinner ,we ended up at Ti Amo’s, which is where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. They even had a dessert that was made by the company that catered our wedding and made our wedding cake. We couldn’t have planned it better.   After dinner we headed over to a place called “The Maxx,”which is a 80’s themed bar, had a few drinks and played old video games like Galaga and Ms. Pac Man.  Afterwards, we headed over the the “Dust Bowl”, a little mini-bowling alley, and bowled a few games.   Nikki even drank a White Russian.   The whole downtown area around 2nd and 3rd street has a lot of neat little places now. We’re planning to go back sometime.

Saturday we picked Natale up from my Mom’s and took her over to Nikki’s parents house, so they could get a chance to see her too.   That night was our anniversary, and we went out to Flemings, a very nice steak place.   The food was excellent.  I ended up splitting my steak with Nikki, because mine was much better than hers.  We highly recommend the ribeye if you decided to shell out the $$$ for a dinner at Flemings. We had planned to go out to a few bars again but truthfully we were tired from the night before.  We had a drink at Kilkenny’s and called it an early night.   We are now officially too old to party two nights in a row I guess.

On Sunday, I played Warmachine with the guys and Nikki and Natalie hung out with her family.  We stayed one last night in the Hyatt and headed home on Monday.   On the trip we listened to the Audio Book of “Just a Geek” by Will Wheaton.   It’s great audiobook as Will reads it himself and puts in lots of extra commentary.  It’s one of the few audio books Nikki has actually stayed awake for the entire car ride home.

I’m need to write more about things like this that Nikki and I do.  We were trying to remember what we did on our past anniversaries and we had to use my blog to figure out most of them.   Of course, no one can forget our last anniversary. Whew, glad we got through that okay.

September 21, 2011

Half A Year

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I keep thinking I should upgrade to the newest version of WordPress. Then I remember that only mange to post about once a month and figure if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Well Natalie is now 6 months old.   It feels like the time has flown by, but the days of driving back and forth to the hospital seem so far away now.   She’s doing great.  She rolls over now, though she doesn’t like to be on her stomach so sometimes she gets fussy and decides not to roll back over.   She’s also sitting up for the most part, she’s little wobbly but she manages.

Here she is with the penguin at 5 Months.

Here’s another picture from 5 Months that I just really like.

And here she is with the Penguin at 6 Months.

A lot’s happened in the past two months. Dragoncon has come and gone.  I went by myself this year, and Nikki stayed home with Natalie.  It was a great time as always.  I told Nikki she had to go next year!

This weekend is our 5th Wedding anniversary. Our wedding does feel like it was just the other day.  So much has happened in the past 5 years, but it seems to have gone by so fast. We are headed home to Tulsa so the grandparents can hang out with Natalie and Nikki and I can go out!

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